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  1. Does MinimumResalePrice.com ship internationally?
    • Yes, we are shipping outside of the continental U.S. at this time. It costs $60 to do that. Please contact us in order to make an international order. If you do not, your order will be returned.
  2. What kinds of payment are accepted?
    • PayPal payments are accepted by our store.
  3. How much are your shipping costs and how do you ship?
    • Shipping within the continental U.S. is free. We ship your order out by the next business day after you place it. MinimumResalePrice.com uses FedEx to ship. Contact us to get your tracking number. It will take approximately 2-7 days for a package to arrive within the continental U.S.
  4. Does MinimumResalePrice.com charge taxes?
    • We only collect taxes if the order is made in Illinois.
  5. What is your return policy?
    • You can return your purchase to us within 30 days. PayPal fees (2.9% + $0.30) will be deducted from the return and a 15% restocking fee may apply.
  6. Can I get my purchase gift wrapped?
    • We are currently gift wrapping items for free!