About Us

By law (including U.S. Supreme Court Opinion: Leegin vs. PSKS), the Minimum Resale Price is a price floor which all buyers want since it turns into the lowest price. Using any other phrase puts much less responsibility on the seller as far as actually providing that price because "Minimum Resale Price" is used most often. In the case of a unilateral policy, it turns into the lowest price among serious dealers.

You can rent our domain for $35 Trillion per year so contact us. We come up with that price by seeing that most of the economy is on the internet and a catalog can be created for that which isn't. It's getting easier and easier to visit longer domains. Our website and its guarantee of the lowest price can be reached from any retail/remote location. There can be exceptions for sellers who still want to offer a lower price in a limited quantity (like a coupon). Ultimately, half of the cost of a product is usually spent on marketing (or retailing) and our website will be the only sales that most sellers need since all buyers will come to us. The entire GDP is about $73 Trillion.