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Sellers, the concept of a lowest price by law is so interesting that MinimumResalePrice.com currently needs no more than a 1% transaction fee (plus PayPal fees) as payment since we have to do very little marketing. On top of that, you could end up reaching most of your target market through us.

Hello and welcome to our site. We bring you the lowest price by law, the Minimum Resale Price. We've been observing Minimum Resale Prices since their re-introduction into law in 2007 by the Supreme Court i.e., http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/06pdf/06-480.pdf. Currently, we have our offers at their Minimum Resale Prices so you know that you're not overpaying like you could be with other deals that have multiple prices. With the other guys, there's just no way to know because the internet is vast and it's impossible to find every price on an offer. To put it another way, we are the strongest guarantee of the final price.

Minimum Resale Prices do not exist outside of the U.S.A (minus the state of Maryland), Canada, Israel, and China.

Our domain has a shortcut: mrp.ms

Eugene K. is on our staff. He has had experience with our business since its beginning and is diligent, intelligent, polite, friendly, and courteous.


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